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Stromende Oergedachten in geel, 430×200 cm, now on display in the solo exhibition “OER” at DeAfslag – Museum Bélvèdere. Runs from 5 march to 21 may 2023. Solo  “Sketchy Fables” at Museum Drawing centre Diepenheim. (Was until 30-10-2022) Now: From 27 August 2022 to 19 February 2023, the Fries Museum presents contemporary art from its own […]

Stereo Trailer, ”At The Border Of Darkness”

Special stereoscopic trailer for my Vr Moviegame ”At The Border Of Darkness”. ”At The Border Of Darkness” is a 20 minutes short motion picture moviegame narrating the biographic and personal journey trough Alle Jong his experiences being an artist. 2016, for more information You can Use an VR Cardboard and any other Vr device […]

Dried Flowers

By coincidence i started collecting old books with dried flowers in them – One postincunable from 1561, or flowers in a book from 1660 about the history of Frisia, even a catalogue by herman de Vries with a dried flower in the cover. This is ”the” historical Sensation! – Nature bound together with human knowledge […]

May 4th 2014, The story of Rootje (Rosette) and many other Jewish victems of war lived on

  An audience over three hundred people is watching the ending  of the day, Afke Berger organizer is sharing her story. The closing did exist full of Poetry Music and more, with the portrait of Rosette van Beugen placed at the center On may 4th people could hear many story’s for the ”Open Jewish Houses” […]

The Wren’s Nest – William Wordsworth

”The Wren’s Nest” 140x330cm charcoal on paper 2016 It started with a real handmade drawing by the world famous poet ”William Wordsworth”, this beautiful concentrated drawing of the Willow Wren is now embedded within my drawing, call it a monument or folly where this real historical drawing meets the present mind. Next to the freedom […]

380 x 96 cm charcoal on paper by Alle Jong nov 2015


Last Letter Received from Fred

One year ago i bought 200 letters without knowing from who they where. It seemed they where written between Nella Vos Delmar and her husband Fred between 1947-1966. Nella was an Jewish woman who fled Italy during the war, she was the only Italian woman who joined the English army and published her diary from […]

At the border of darkness drawings

We live around the darkness of death, and on the border of life. These drawings are an personal search to expose our existence between the cradle of birth and eternity. It is this heartbreaking truth and harsh reality that one day we all have to face an ending. It is the most problematic element in our lives, the final destiny into […]

Van Loon

In my book-shelf there stands an 18th century history book (1772) with an Ex Libris by the Regent family van Loon. Handwritten is the name J.W. van Loon. The family Van Loon is an influential family. Take for example Willem Jansz van Loon, he was one of the co founders of the V.O.C. back in […]

Reaction on the threat of destruction of Palmyra by islamitic state

I made an videogame in which I react on the threat of destruction of the city of Palmyra by islamitic state. I have recreated parts of Palmyra within an videogame environment which is fully destructible. I thought; what does destruction of cultural heritage mean? Is there meaning in destruction? I wanted to destroy parts of Palmyra […]

Psychology of a window, the Berghoff Villa

Window views of historical people Berghoff Window 30x40cm acryl charcoal & etch needle on linnen 2013 by Alle Jong In a special series of artworks i portray windows trough which historical figures looked in their lives, what can we learn from these views once experienced by Nelson Mandela in his cel or the window in a writrs […]

The Beauty of the fading image

”A short introduction about the polised works in linnen” I like exploring the complex relationship between people and images, for the interplay between making and seeing, appearance and perception, intention and response, between the putative autonomy of the object and the context of seeing. These series of polished works are about the endless change and dissapearance of […]