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Voyage trough time and space

Important is to understand my root as an Frisian artist. My intuitive chosen form & ideas are not ordinary fantasy’s, they are connected too a deep ancient consciousness of my forefathers. Take for example the small islands in the sea i create, this could come from my Frisian forefathers who lived around the coastlines of the Nort Sea. The Roman historian Plinius […]

Expositie Kunsthuis Meppel – tot 22 Februari 2015

Alle Jong ( Fries/Nederlandse, 1988 Hemrik te Friesland. Afgestudeerd aan Academie Minerva in Groningen) ”this article is only in Dutch” Expositie De Secretarie Kunshuis Meppel Kunsthuis Secretarie tot 22 Februari. Hoofdstraat 22 / 7941 AG Meppel Alle Jong gelooft in de fantasiewereld die een kind vind onder een tafel. Dat is een plek waar de echte wereld te vinden […]

Lost & Shredded, art & life

  Winged Human Headed Sphinx collection Museum Baghdad status unkknown 21×30 cm charcoal & ink on paper, by Alle Jong December 2013 For a long time now i am amazed about the fragility of art, how it’s meaning can be changed and how easy art is being destroyed or lost by war, nature, ideology, society […]

Honorary Portrait of Irena Sendler & Rosette van beugen 230x150cm oil on linnen 2014

Honorary Portrait of Irena Sendler by Alle Jong 230x150cm oil on linnen 2014 Alle Jong & Rosette van Beugen Alle Jong feels the need to honour those who lived couragefull lives by creating monumental portraits. Jong also made hundred small portraits on paper of Jewish children who were murdered during the second world war in […]

Synagoge Groningen – Portrait of Rosette van Beugen

Synagoge Groningen with presentation of portrait of Rosette van Beugen. Rosette was nine years old when she was murdered at Sobibor during the second world war     Come may 4th to the Synagoge in Groningen for the Open Jewesh houses project. The goal of the Open Jewish houses project is to share story’s on […]

Ingame footage of Zugzwang

Some new ingame gameplay of project Zugzwang, a virtual reality videogame experience. I use videogame mechanics as canvas to tell story’s & share philosophical ideas. Other then painting or film a videogame brings it own rules and experience. You feel the scale of an environment with VR, and also a videogame demands you to take […]

Concert Synagoge 22-06-2014 with Rosette van beugen

Haydn Symphony 101 JMSO 22-06-2014 in the Synagoge of Groningen. The portrait of the murdered girl Rosette van Beugen is in company of an orchestra. To find more information about Rosette van beugen see these links: 1 Synagoge Groningen – Portrait of Rosette van Beugen 2 Honorary Portrait of Irena Sendler & Rosette van beugen 230x150cm oil […]

Rosette van Beugen & family

A set of photographs of the Jewish family of Van Beugen who was murdered during the second world war by the nazi’s. I made a monumental portrait of Rosette van beugen of which you can read more here: Rosette van beugen , a nine year young girl who was murdered by the Nazi’s with her entire […]

Polished work in different lighting – A memory from the past

This Video is of a polished sculptural work in linnen. The image is of a family, during the summer in the early 1920’s. Young people, old people, smiling, having fun in the sun somewhere long ago on that single day when the camera shot them for eternity. And now they become visible where the wind […]

Gavrillo Princip – Self portrait trough Princip

I was fascinated by the story of the young Bosnian Serb who assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife, Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, on teh northern end of the Latn bridge in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914.   It is often said ths murder did cause the First World war, The Great War. […]

Polished square in linnen, a gate to another world

In the early 20th century Kasimer Malevich started to experiment how to open a gate for the spirit. He did this by using paint, painting a black square on linnen, this black square was the nothing to another world. I reacted to this idea, i sculpted & polished an square in empty linnen with polish paper, […]

Still life of Time, oil painting by Alle Jong of the Photografic lab of Joseph Fortune Petiot-Groffier

Every artwork i make has it’s own story. Take the painting ”Still life of time, photographic lab of Joseph Fortune Petiot-Groffier, alternative title: The skin of time. 230x150cm oil on linnen 2014. This painting is made after a photograph of a room that in fact is an intact rediscovered photograpic laboratorium from 1855. This room is a […]