Charity project

”An growing project for raising awareness for Cancer”

Several of my family members have died of Cancer, in response to this I am organizing an auction to raise awareness and connect people their stories related to cancer. Many artists have joined so far by offering an artwork for the auction. All the money made will go to the Maarten Foundation, this Foundation it’s aim is to listen more carefully to the cancer patient their own needs. Maarten is an Olympic swimmer who himself overcame cancer and tried to swim the impossible eleven cities tour without leaving the water to raise awareness for cancer, I saw Him swimming last Summer and had recently before that event lost My grandmother due to cancer, and earlier My Mother. I wanted to do something to as an artist and just started organizing..

I am discovering that almost everyone who joines has an personal reason to connect to this project. Almost All have lost someone to cancer in the past or recently, or is fighting against it from close by.

The aim is sharing Our stories and connect trough art and mayby make some money for the Maarten Foundation. But money is not the main cause! It is being part of the story, connecting and sharing experiences. When I saw Maarten Swimming I saw hundreds of people standing on the shores deeply lost in themselves, You could feel the deep trauma that Cancer creates around Us in Society.

For everyone who wants to Join, Or has an idea, is willing to support in PR, Events, writing, every Idea is welcome, Every story is welcome to join. This project is developing slowly, but the aim is to auction of, go live somewhere this year when enough attention is build up for the project as an whole.


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A few artists who have joined the project so far :

Guy Vording,

Miriam Knibbeler, 

Stefan Bleekrode,

Sander Bos,

Sybila Baumann

Mark Outjers,